Complications From Combat: Traumatic Brain Injury,

Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and Violence Risk



Presenter Bio - Cynthia Boyd, Ph.D., Neuropsychologist

NOTICE: This presentation was given and recorded in a private capacity and does not reflect the opinions of the Department of Defense or the United States Navy.

Cynthia Boyd has been involved in clinical and educational efforts at DVBIC-Naval Medical Center San Diego for the past nine years. She has focused not only on traumatic brain injury (TBI), but also the overlap of TBI and posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) affecting physical, cognitive and behavioral issues. She is a subject matter expert on violence associated with these disorders. She has been actively involved in the legal/forensic arena, specifically regarding TBI and legal issues in returning troops. Since 2008, she has participated with the legal community to establish a Veteran’s Court in San Diego. Under California Penal Code 1170.9, the law allows for judges to offer treatment as alternative sentencing to veterans diagnosed with TBI, PTSD, substance abuse, and other qualifying conditions associated with combat exposure. As a representative of DVBIC, she has been invited to provide TBI and PTSD educational trainings to members of law enforcement, district attorneys, public defenders, Navy Judge Advocate General (JAG), and California Superior Court judges. Boyd also has an independent practice in forensic neuropsychology specializing in forensic evaluations of TBI, PTSD and violent offenders. She has been retained as an expert witness in capital cases involving veterans with TBI and PTSD.