Veterans Legal Assistance and Referral Clinics (VLARC)

CVLTF conducts several legal clinics with volunteers at locations throughout San Diego County.  These clinics assist veterans who have legal needs while they are being treated for mental health conditions through the local Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Information for Clients

Battle Buddy Peer Support Volunteers

Attorney and Paralegal Volunteers

Law Students / Interns

The following types of matters are handled if sufficient volunteers are available:

  •  Administrative Law
    • Social Security - Disability
    • Social Security - Compensation
    • Security Clearance Issues
    • Power of Attorney
  • Bankruptcy Law
  • Civil Law
  • Constitutional Law - Civil Rights Violations
  • Consumer Law
  • Contract Law – leases, unlawful detainers, landlord-tenant issues
  • Elder Law
  • Criminal Law (limited)
    • Expungement of misdemeanor
    • Pardon of felony
    • Penal Code 1170.9(a) Motion
    • Penal Code 1170.9(h) Motion
    • Collateral consequences of criminal convictions
    • Other
  • Employment/Labor Law
  • Family Law*
    • Divorce
    • Child custody
    • Child support
  • Immigration Law
  • Military Law
    • Military Separation Boards
    • Discharge Upgrade
  • Privacy Law
  • Tax Law
  • Trusts & Estates Law
  • Veterans Law
    • VA Healthcare
    • VA Disability Compensation
    • VA Pension
    • VA Administrative Decisions