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According to a February 2013 report issued by the Veterans Administration, nationwide, 7,724 veterans had come before veterans treatment courts by February 2013. On average, veterans are under court supervision for 15-18 months. For those who are no longer under court supervision, 69% finished treatment successfully. Of the 31% of participants who did not complete treatment the majority left the program voluntarily or were dismissed for failing to comply with treatment court provisions. Of The total pool of veterans who have been in veterans treatment courts, 3,883 are still undergoing treatment, an average of 24 veterans currently assigned to each of the 162 treatment courts which have thus far been established since the advent of treatment courts in 2008.  Most treatment courts accept both misdemeanor and felony cases, though almost none accept serious felony defendants, such as veterans charged with weapons assault or murder. 

The veterans treatment court movement is still developing. Additional national data will come available as veterans treatment courts expand and more veterans complete treatment programs. For extensive data regarding the San Diego veterans court model,  please see below.


Serving Those Who Served: Outcomes from the San Diego Veterans Treatment Review Calendar (SDVTRC) Pilot Program

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Published online: 29 November 2017

California Veterans Treatment Court Survey
December 2016

2014 Report VTRC Pilot Program Cumulative Report:
Initial 36 Months of Operation
Feb 4, 2011 - Feb 7, 2014

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Veterans Treatment Review Court (VTRC) Pilot Program Cumulative Report: First Two Years of Operation
Operations February 4, 2011-February 1, 2013

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Veterans Treatment Courts

BJA Drug Court Technical Assistance Project

2015 Survey Results

Justice Programs Office - School of Public Affairs

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